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Saved the Honor of the One He Loved and Raised the Child Who would one day Save HIM.


This saga, about 33 years before the story of “Pete," is one of Joseph, a first century carpenter betrothed to Mary, who would ultimately raise the Son of God. When confronted by an unlikely and outrageous story of conception, Joseph yields to angel Gabriel’s confirmation in a dream, that Mary is, in fact, telling the truth.


We encounter a remarkable man of character in Joseph, who chooses to love Mary and Jesus, rather than make the expedient choice to divorce Mary quietly. A story of trust and obedience, one man saved the honor of the one he loved… and raised the Child who would once day save HIM.


“Christmas Joe” runs approximately 15-20 minutes and is often accompanied by a Christmas concert for a total of 90-120 minutes, again with no intermission. “Christmas Joe” is perfect as a stand alone full length show or as part of a Christmas message during service or as a separate event. Performances are available for churches, schools, lodges, prisons, and communities across the US and globe.

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